FTP: Mathieu feels teams avoid his side

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- When the great Charlie Pierce gives up a Sunday to take in “one of the most mundane football games in the history of the sport,” as he put it, there must be a good story to tell.

Pierce, one of the best writers -- regardless of topic -- alive today, was in attendance for the Cardinals’ 27-14 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars to write about rookie free safety Tyrann Mathieu.

It was what Mathieu said that caught my attention.

Just 10 games into his career, Mathieu believes teams are looking to throw away from him.

“No question, they're going away from me," Mathieu said in Pierce’s story. "I'm starting to feel like [Arizona cornerback] Patrick [Peterson] out there. Game's getting boring, you know? You just got to stay focused. Obviously, somebody's going to try me out there. You know, Drew Brees tried me. Matt Ryan tried me … We got Andrew Luck next week. Hopefully he tries me. I'm just looking forward to making plays."

If that is indeed the case, then the Cardinals have two defensive backs, neither of whom have played more than three seasons in the NFL, who are forcing offenses to alter their game plans enough to avoid throwing the ball in their direction.

Pierce writes about Mathieu and Peterson’s relationship, as well.

"He's doing nothing but tremendous things for us this year," Peterson said in the story. "I'm always in his ear, telling him we can't go to sleep. We can't get bored out there because at any given time, any given play, they can catch a ball for 60 yards. We don't want to be the guy that gives up that play and give them a life."

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