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Having Carson Palmer around Cardinals is 'like having another coach'

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer may be injured but he hasn't been invisible since breaking his arm in London on Oct. 22.

Instead of laying low, and staying in the training room during practice and at home during games while he's on injured reserve, Palmer has had an active role, aiding new starting quarterback Drew Stanton just as Stanton used to help him.

"Just getting the certain play calls, certain things that we like, that, again, being on the sidelines, you have a different perspective, a different viewpoint and a different set of eyes on something," Stanton said. "I might be looking at my hot or the safety, and he can check out a corner. He can say, 'OK, this corner's playing heavy inside, technique, leverage. We can get a go right here or we can do that.' So, being able to do that is great for me because he'll not only give that piece of advice but we'll see it on the photos that we get on the sidelines, being able to utilize that, and then go out there and have success with it."

Stanton has used Palmer as a sounding board, and just having him around has helped, Stanton added. It helps that Palmer has been eager to assist.

"[He's] come up to me probably four or five times and said, 'Hey, what can I do to help? What can I do to help? Do you need me to do this? Do you need me to do that?'" Stanton said last week. "I think it's great to have that side of it. We've talked about some ways he can help me and I'll constantly be picking his brain and trying to find ways that I can implement that and be successful."

Stanton thinks it's been hard for Palmer to sit on the sidelines and watch. Palmer has been taking reps behind him during the last couple of weeks while keeping his footwork fresh.

At one point, Palmer had to be stopped from throwing during practice because it was against the rules, according to coach Bruce Arians.

"It's like having another coach," Arians said.

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