What's the Fuss with... Karlos Dansby

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This week, What's the Fuss caught up with Karlos Dansby, the Cardinals' ageless linebacker who enjoys pedicures and manicures as much as anyone else. He is co-owner of Butler's Grooming Club, a shop that specializes in the salon experience – all perks included – but for men. His first shop is in the Saks Fifth Avenue in Birmingham, Ala.

What is Butler's

“I started off with the grooming lines at Butler's. We're four years in right now. We're inside Saks Fifth Avenue. I want to say it's a very unique place, for me, for grooming. You can get your nails done. You can get your toes. You can get a massage. You can get a beer. You can shoot pool. All inside of Saks Fifth Avenue.

“I own this. It's me. Me and Saks are partners. I'm partners with fortune 500 company. It's a sweet situation. I'm loving the whole idea, the whole gamut. They're loving it. We're looking to expand our company right now and get it into other locations also.”

How did the idea come about?

“Me and my partner, we went to school in Auburn. He's back in Birmingham right now. We just wanted to bring something different to Birmingham. We've been all over the place, all over the world, traveling and experiencing different locations and grooming and we needed to bring something back to Birmingham. That's just (the place) for the everyday guy but having him to feel like they're super special, they're unique. But going here and getting treatment and getting things done that you want to do but you have to go to a nail shop to get it done so you can't really balance those two. We were able to bring both of them together and come up with a unique place for men.”

Are you a pedicure and manicure guy?

“Yes, I definitely need to get my nails done. I definitely need to get my feet taken care of because I'm on them all day every day running around so I definitely take care of my feet and take care of my nails.”

What do you have in the product line?

“It's called Martez Renault. (It's) my middle name and my partner's middle name. Ever since we came up with the idea, it's been like everything just been falling into place. It's a beautiful situation. We've got pomades, we've got shaving creams, after shaves, body sprays, lotion, and all of it smells good. (We have) body wash. It's an exciting situation. (We also have) facial cleansers, facial toner, the whole nine (yards).

What's your role?

“I have a big role. He sends me stuff every day to smell and my role is huge man. He has to have to my input but we're partners in this. It's not no. I'm hands on. I'm very hands on. We have to pick out the packaging. We have to pick out the scents. Make sure it smells good. (Make sure) the body wash lathers up good because I want a certain lather for me. I'm playing sports and I know what guys want. It's the best of both worlds. I'm playing sports. He's not. So we're bouncing stuff off each other and we're giving each other ideas. And man it's just working perfectly man. (It's) unfolding perfectly.

“We're waiting to bring out the cologne later because he wants me to have even more input with the cologne so we have to go and test a few scents and all that kind of stuff so I'll be doing that in the offseason.”

Have you unveiled your product line?

“It's only been revealed in Butler's. We've been getting feedback from our clients. They've been getting shampoos and (tell us) how their hair feels after we use it.”

When do you plan on rolling out the line?

“We're debating right now. We wanted to try to bring it out right before Christmas, but that may not happen. We're going to be patient with it. We're going to be make sure it's at the top of its game when we unveil it because we're in an open market. There's only like two or three really high-end competitors out there and they've been doing well. They got some pretty good products out there so we want to be able to compete and make our mark.”

10 years ago, did you ever think you'd be in the grooming business?

“Never thought in a million years I'd be doing something like this on this level. Like I said, partnering up with a Fortune 500 company and being such a young company and getting into that partnership, it's unreal. It's unreal, bro. I'm enjoying every second of it, man. We're going to have our meetings with Saks, the front office up in New York (after the season). The whole nine. We're trailblazers right now and I'm at the forefront.”