FTP: Mathieu story dominates coverage

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- Type Tyrann Mathieu into Google and you'll have the option to read 713 stories about the rookie's season ending with a torn ACL and LCL.

In newspapers and on websites, everywhere from New York to Los Angeles, Mathieu's left knee dominated coverage. Of the 24 questions asked to Arizona coach Bruce Arians, 13 were about Mathieu.

It's a big story for a few reasons. First, Mathieu is one of the best rookies in the league. Second, his story transcends regional and league fan bases. College fans followed him closely as he nearly won the Heisman Trophy in 2011. NFL fans kept track of his story because of the circumstances that caused Mathieu to drop from potentially a top-5 pick to the third round.

The most common story was the news report about his knee injuries, but there were other angles taken, especially locally.

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