FTP: What Todd Bowles built

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- As expected, Todd Bowles has become a hot commodity for teams looking to hire a head coach.

While every team won’t pursue the Arizona Cardinals’ defensive coordinator because they want an offensive philosophy at the helm, so far the Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns have requested permission to interview Bowles for their vacancies.

But if Bowles left the Cardinals, what would he be leaving behind? Just one of the premier defenses in the NFL. While it was good last year, Bowles made it better.

Here’s how, if Bowles were to get hired by another team, he left the Cardinals’ defense, which is ranked in the top 10 in 11 categories:

Yards/game: 6

Yards/play: 4

Rushing yards/game: 1

Rushing yards/play: 2

Passing yards/play: 6

INT rate: 8

Sacks/pass att.: 10

3rd down %: 11

4th down %: t9

Points/game: 7

Pt. diff./game: t10

Yard diff./game: 7

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