NFLN survey/feared player: Cardinals

It's no real surprise Ndamukong Suh has instilled the most fear in offenses around the league. There are other players -- such as J.J. Watt or Calvin Johnson -- whom teams have had to spend more time planning for, but Suh scares teams with more than just his performance. Offensive linemen and quarterbacks have to be worried that Suh will snap and stomp them or deliver a ferocious late hit that could lead to injury.

The scariest players in any sport make their opponents think about them on every play. It doesn't matter where they are lined up or what the down and distance and score are. The offensive line across from Suh is making sure he's accounted for, but at the same time, they're concerned he might pull a Suh and lose his temper. While it'll result in more yards for the offense, it could come with a painful consequence.

Because of all this, I'm not surprised he was voted the NFL's most feared player.