Fitz at center of Crabtree-Sherman feud

TEMPE, Ariz. -- So, apparently the beef between Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman and San Francisco wide receiver Michael Crabtree can be traced back to a charity softball event that Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald hosted last April.

A sweep through the Internet shows the two were on opposing teams but the animosity didn’t stop on the field.

According to Seattle Times columnist Jerry Brewer, Sherman attempted to shake Crabtree’s hand but the Niners receiver tried to start a fight, per Sherman’s older brother, Branton. You can read Brewer’s column here. According to the NFL Network, the slight happened at a black-tie event after the game at the W Scottsdale hotel.

Even though the alleged incident occurred about nine months ago, clearly Sherman didn’t let it go. He harbored his ill will toward Crabtree and expressed his feelings toward the Niners receiver on national TV following Seattle’ 23-17 win over San Francisco in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.

Makes you wonder if they’ll both be back at Salt River Fields this spring to play in Fitzgerald’s game.

Here’s a picture of Crabtree at Fitzgerald’s charity game from his Facebook page. And here are photos from April's game with Sherman in a couple.