Fan reaction to Sam more concerning

Michael Sam wasn’t the only one being asked about Michael Sam last weekend at the NFL combine.

Every coach, general manager and prospect heard some form of a question about the first openly gay player at the combine, and likely the first openly gay NFL player. Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians was no exception.

"None of that matters in the locker room," Arians told Kent Somers of AZCentral.com. "Every locker room I’ve been in, it’s been all about winning. If you had a hand in us winning, and you were different, guys accepted it.

"Fans? That’s a very different story. I've walked into stadiums where gentlemen are teaching their sons how to moon the bus and moms are teaching their daughters what their middle fingers are for, and it's not a ring. That scares me more, what's going to be said from the stands. The locker room won't be a problem."

When it comes down to business, however, Sam's sexual orientation is put on the backburner, Cardinals general manager Steve Keim said.

"This is a big issue across the country, and you might think GMs would be talking to each other and it would be a big topic. And it's actually not," Keim said. "I haven't had one conversation with a GM or other personnel guy about the situation."