2013 Roster in Review: Long snapper

Starter: Mike Leach

Backup: N/A

Under contract in 2014: Leach

Cash committed in ‘13: $1.025 million

Cap committed in '13: $1,091,668

Recap: Always a pillar of stability, long snapper Mike Leach continued his Ironman streak in 2013, surpassing 200 regular-season games in Week 14. He finished the year with 203 under his belt, of which he's played the last 184 consecutive -- now the second longest streak in the NFL with London Fletcher's retirement. The less you hear about a long snapper, the more it means he's doing his job and you didn't hear anything about Leach last season. His physical build and nose for the ball, which came from his days as a tight end, helped him get off the snap quickly and get downfield. The result was three tackles this season. For the first time in the last few seasons, Leach wasn't a backup tight end, which gave him more time to focus on long snapping and could continue his career by a few seasons.