Jay Feely open to longer PAT

Every year, it seems, like there's another crazy idea strewn about on how to change the game.

Another one came across the Internet this week: Backing up the extra-point attempt to the 25-yard-line. It's a possibility that the NFL Competition Committee has floated trying out this coming preseason, according to NFL.com.

That means it would be a 43-yard try instead of the 18-yard standard kick. Last season, kickers went 1,262-for-1,267 on extra points, according to ESPN Stats & Information, prompting the NFL to think the kick was too easy.

An idea was floated earlier this offseason about the extra point being eliminated altogether, but Arizona Cardinals kicker Jay Feely is in favor of moving the PAT back during preseason, even just during an evaluation period.

"If it means the extra point stays in the game, I'm for it," Feely told ESPN.com in a text message. "It creates more strategy, drama and puts an emphasis on having a dependable kicker."