Fitzgerald still a go-to WR at 30

The NFL is a young-man’s league but Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has withstood the test of time to remain the standard by which most up-and-coming receivers measure themselves against.

While he’s lost a step here and there, his fundamentals and toughness have kept him in the conversation as one of the better receivers in the league.

Fitzgerald may be turning 31 on Aug. 31 -- he’s starting to get over the hill by the NFL’s standards -- but ESPN NFL Insider Matt Williamson still considers Fitzgerald one of a handful of No. 1 receivers, a label that's tossed around too often, Williamson contests. If this was basketball, Fitzgerald would be running with the lunchtime crowd, just on the old-man court.

Williamson picked 14 “true No. 1 receivers” and among the “oldies but still very goodies” division is Fitzgerald.

“It doesn't hurt that Fitzgerald has the best ball skills and hands in the league,” Williamson said.

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