New lineman Sowell prepared for LT

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Bradley Sowell knew exactly why he was being signed by the Arizona Cardinals, so it didn’t surprise him when he was announced as the backup to left tackle Levi Brown.

Left tackle is Sowell’s natural position and having played under Cardinals coach Bruce Arians last season in Indianapolis, Sowell knows his role in the offense inside and out.

“I’m really comfortable,” Sowell said. “It’s exactly what we did last year. Actually, Day 1, I knew the whole thing. I just had to refresh my memory. I know all of it, actually.”

Sowell doesn’t know if or when he’ll play, but he’ll be more comfortable on the left side.

“They haven’t said anything to me [about playing],” Sowell said. “I’m sure if something went wrong they would give me some reps.

“When I go in the game, if I go in at left tackle, I’ll be much more comfortable than I would at right. That’s my natural position [but] either one I’ll do fine in.”

Offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin, who was Sowell’s offensive line coach with the Colts, has been pleased with his progress.

“He’s continuing to work to get better at both sides and be ready for left tackle and right tackle backup,” Goodwin said.