Thomas learning from his top competition

TEMPE, Ariz. -- It would've been easy for Ryan Lindley to not fully answer the questions. Or not answer them at all.

Logan Thomas would've understood. It's Lindley's job that Thomas is after.

During his first week of practice with the Arizona Cardinals, Thomas hasn't been shunned or slighted by his fellow quarterbacks. In fact, quite the opposite has happened. Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton and Lindley have all helped the fourth-round pick.

"Those guys, they've kinda taken me under their wing and aren't afraid to coach me up and teach me up," said Thomas, who addressed the media Friday for the first time in person since being drafted. "Which I thank them tremendously for. I can be a lost guy out there."

Lindley has the most to lose by Arizona adding Thomas.

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said that Thomas wouldn't be competing for any other of the quarterback's jobs except Lindley's. Even knowing he's in a two-man battle to stay on the roster, Lindley has still helped the rookie.

"Ryan's been great actually," Thomas said. "[Thursday] especially. I was out there asking a bunch of questions. He wasn't hesitant to tell me and trying to help me along, showing me footwork, progression, whatever it may be.

"I really respect that aspect, not just of him but of the other two guys, as well. They don't have to do that. Right now we're all fighting for jobs. Those guys are willing to do so, which obviously means a lot -- shows their character."

Thomas said he's spending most of practice listening and learning, trying to absorb everything that's been thrown at him. The one quarterback who's been among the most helpful also happens to be the starter.

Thomas said Palmer is "just a real people person who's not afraid to teach."

The Cardinals haven't begun breaking down Thomas' game and rebuilding it to their liking. In the meantime, Thomas has just been watching and learning from the men he'll be competing with and against.

"I'm just learning," Thomas said. "I'm sitting back watching them, seeing the little things that they do, the intricacies of the game that I may not have picked up before.

"And when I have questions to ask, they don't have problems answering them right back."