FTP: Philly writer predicts Cards as champs

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GLENDALE, Ariz. – Predictions, especially this time of year, are all fun and games until someone picks the Arizona Cardinals to win the Super Bowl.

That wasn’t a typo. Yes, a sports writer in Philadelphia picked the Cardinals to win Super Bowl XLIX on their home turf. No, he’s not crazy. Well, not that we know of.

Paul Domowitch, the Philadelphia Daily News’ NFL columnist, wrote his “Nostradomo” column Friday. In it, he has the Cards playing the Indianapolis Colts at University of Phoenix Stadium on Feb. 1, 2015, citing Arizona’s drastic improvement in the second half of the season and singling out the defense and Carson Palmer as reasons behind it.

But can you imagine if he’s right? Forget the idea of the Cardinals playing in another Super Bowl, this time on their home turf. The bevy of storylines that would come out of Bruce Arians facing Chuck Pagano and Andrew Luck for all the marbles would keep us scribes busy for every hour of all two weeks leading up to the game. I saw how crazy it was last year when the Colts came to Glendale. Them coming back for the biggest game of the year? A sports writer can only dream.

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