Tablets too new school for Bruce Arians

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GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians is a mix of the new school with the old school.

Slim jeans and fashionable shirts? New School.

Not wanting to use a tablet on the sideline? Old school.

During Saturday's preseason game against Houston, the Cardinals will have their first chance to use 13 new Microsoft Surface tablets on the sideline in order to view pre- and post-snap photos, which, until this season, were printed in a variety of ways throughout the years. Each team will have another 12 tablets to use in the coaches boxes. The tablets have been altered to allow coaches and players to only access the photos. All still and video capabilities have been disabled. The tablets will let coaches and players see photos in about five seconds compared to the old way, which took about 30 seconds to print a photo.

But don’t expect Arians to be holding one on the sideline.

“I’m going to leave that up to the assistant coaches,” Arians said. “If they can read them with the lights … big problem right now is lights. In our stadium, when we used them last weekend and everybody that used them (thought) sunlight was a problem. I’ll go back to the picture. I’m old school.”

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