FTP: Feely pens reaction to PAT changes

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Arizona's veteran kicker Jay Feely hasn't been shy about expressing his displeasure with the NFL's decision to toy with extra points during the first two weeks of the preseason. In an experiment by the league, the extra points were moved back to the 15-yard-line, turning a routine kick into a 33-yard attempt.

Instead of vocalizing his feelings, Feely put them on paper for Sports Illustrated's MMQB.com.

Feely has long felt that the change was baseless, that nothing provoked the change even if it was just something the league was trying out during preseason. He compared extra points to intentional walks in baseball.

"Certain plays, boring as they may be, are part of the fabric of the game and without a compelling reason should neither be abandoned nor changed," Feely wrote. "I have yet to hear that compelling reason when it comes to the extra point.

"I can however, give you a compelling reason not to change the extra point: increased injuries."

Feely argued that more defenses would rush extra points because they're longer and there's a better chance they're missed, compared to just going through the motions for a routine extra point, which would mean more opportunities for injuries.

Eight were missed during this preseason, according to NFL.com, compared to five last preseason.

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