When John Abraham sacks, teams win

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Todd Bowles may want to keep Arizona Cardinals linebacker John Abraham on the field as often as possible Sunday in New Orleans.

Not only does Abraham know the Saints’ offense as well as any team's in the league, the likelihood of the Cardinals winning increases if Abraham gets a sack.

Abraham has eight career sacks against the Saints dating back to 2001, four of which have come against Drew Brees, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Three of those came when Brees was in the shotgun.

“When I was with Atlanta I just got to see them so much,” Abraham said. “I saw them every year, twice a year. And also Drew does throw the ball a lot, so you don’t have to be the smartest guy in the world to know that they are going to pass.

“I think probably the biggest thing was playing them every year or the last seven years I think that was the biggest thing.”

Abraham hasn't seen any significant changes in New Orleans' offense this year, which was music to his ears.

In the five games Abraham has sacked a Saints’ quarterback, his team is 4-1. When he hasn’t recorded a sack, his team is 0-10.

That’s all the proof Bowles should need.

“I feel pretty good because that’s what I want to do though,” Abraham said. “I want to be that kind of guy to help contribute. Keeping me on the field and helping me rush the passer is a good thing for everybody. Not just for me personally, but for the team also because I know I can apply pressure to the quarterback at the right times.”

Abraham played just 20 snaps in Week 1 and 33 in Week 2.

He understands his snap-count is tied to the direction of the game. When the Cardinals are ahead, it makes the opponent pass more, hence the need for a specialized pass-rusher.

Abraham wants to play more, but the conditions are out of his control.

“I mean, I’m here. I’m OK with it,” Abraham said. “I knew I was coming into it. I knew what they got me here for. I can’t really be mad about it.”