2013 Roster in Review: Wide receiver

Starter: Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd

Backup: Andre Roberts, Jaron Brown

Under contract in 2014: Fitzgerald, Floyd, Brown

Cash committed in ‘13: $17.8 million

Cap committed in ‘13: $14.4 million

Recap: When the Cardinals traded for Carson Palmer, Fitzgerald became a new wide receiver. Having meddled among mediocre quarterbacks since Kurt Warner retired after the 2009 season, Fitzgerald was rejuvenated with Palmer, catching 82 passes for 954 yards and 10 touchdowns. While Fitzgerald began a resurgence at 30, it was one of his protégés who really found his footing. Floyd showed the NFL what a first-round receiver should be capable of, breaking the 1,000-yard mark in his second year. Despite a lackluster couple of seasons, Fitzgerald still garnered the attention of a Pro Bowler, which allowed Floyd to roam free as double teams ascended on Fitz. Floyd's size and strength -- which he improved during the offseason -- made him a mismatch for almost every corner to cover him, as was evident in Seattle in Week 16. As good as 2013 treated Fitzgerald and Floyd, it wasn't very nice to Roberts, who was the third receiver in a two-receiver set. He was dropped to the third option in favor of Floyd and his numbers sunk with it, making it unlikely he'll return to Arizona in 2014. Brown, however, was a suitable fourth option for the Cardinals, catching 11 passes for 140 yards and one touchdown.