Devin Hester: I can't get my touchdown back

The NFL all but admitted it made a mistake on a play involving Atlanta Falcons return man Devin Hester when it fined Arizona Cardinals punter Drew Butler $8,268 for grabbing Hester's facemask during last Sunday's game.

Hester actually was whistled for a 15-yard face mask penalty against Butler right before reaching the end zone on what would have been a 70-yard punt return touchdown. The penalty on Hester wiped away the score.

The officials obviously felt Hester used an open-hand stiff arm on Butler, which is why Hester was not fined.

"It's too late," Hester said. "I can't get my touchdown back."

Hester said at least one official told him during the game the wrong call was made. It would have been Hester's 21st career return touchdown, adding to the record he set in Week 3 with a 62-yard punt return score against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Falcons also did not receive any type of fine for the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty whistled on the sideline after special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong voiced his displeasure with the call against Hester. The penalty was subject to a fine, according to the league.