Matt Ryan talks no-huddle again, and again, and again

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan made it clear heading into the season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that the no-huddle offense is something he discusses often with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and has at his disposal.

Regardless, Ryan continues to be peppered with questions about whether he nudges Shanahan to run the no-huddle more often. Such was the case again Tuesday during Ryan's weekly radio show appearance on 680 the Fan in Atlanta.

Ryan, who thrives in the no-huddle, was asked why the Falcons opted not to utilize the no-huddle earlier during a 31-24 season-opening loss to the Buccaneers. The Falcons trailed 31-13 before going no-huddle. Ryan then converted a 25-yard touchdown pass to Julio Jones with 1:42 left in the third quarter.

"I think there's pluses and minuses to it," Ryan said of the no-huddle. "For us, for our run scheme, it really waters down what you can do in the run game. ... With the way that our scheme is set up, it's important for us to get that run game going. It's no question about that.

"But also, we play with pretty good tempo in and out of the huddle. I think we move and we operate pretty quickly. But we used (the no-huddle) effectively in this game. We used it a couple different times. You mentioned the one timeout that we forced. The touchdown that we hit to Julio was in a no-huddle situation as well. So, we do some good things with it."

So why not more?

"It's just different," Ryan continued. "Our coaches feel and believe that getting in that huddle and creating motions and shifts and using some of those things to our advantages to get the fronts that you want is an advantage for us. And again, I thought we did some good things. We moved it efficiently. Had we cleaned up a few of those (procedural penalties) in the red zone, I think you're talking about a really good offensive performances."

The Falcons slowed themselves down with three false starts in the red zone, although they overcame two of them on Ryan's 5-yard touchdown pass to Mohamed Sanu in the first quarter.

We'll see if the no-huddle becomes more of a weapon for the Falcons in Week 2 against pass-rush demon Khalil Mack and the Oakland Raiders. Wearing down Mack would be ideal before he wears out the Falcons' offensive line.