Falcons' Deion Jones ready to get 'turnt' up with old friend Duke Riley

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Deion Jones' smile flashed from ear to ear while talking about his Atlanta Falcons' reunion with ex-LSU teammate Duke Riley.

The Falcons were looking for an upgrade at linebacker alongside Jones and fellow second-year player De'Vondre Campbell. Riley, who brings even more speed to the group, was available in the third round.

"He's a good player, a fiery guy, and is always amped," Jones said of Riley. "He's got a passion for the game. And he's got a high motor. I feel like that's going to be a good addition to this team. And I'm pretty sure guys around in this locker room are going to appreciate it, too."

Riley gave a glimpse of his energy and passionate play during rookie minicamp last weekend. Falcons coach Dan Quinn knows Riley has the tools to step right in and contribute. That's why Quinn said he plans to play Jones, Campbell, and Riley together in preparation for the season with Jones in the middle, Riley at the weak-side, and Campbell expected to make the transition from weak-side to strong-side linebacker.

If Riley appears to be a little ahead of the curve, it's because Jones has kept him up to speed on what it takes to make the adjustment from college to the NFL.

"I talk to Duke all the time," Jones said. "He was asking me questions about what to expect. I gave him my outlook on things. Like I told him, 'Just sit back and enjoy it. What's for you is going to be for you. What God has for you, nobody can take away. When you get here, you're all on the same playing field. You just have to show out from there.'"

Immediately after Riley got the draft call from the Falcons, cameras showed him screaming, "Me and Debo about get turnt" in regard to the duo turning up the intensity.

Jones agreed.

"We're going to be turnt; that's my boy," Jones said. "It's amazing to see his journey, too. Kind of similar to mine. We come from a common place. Just to see him overcome and put his nose to the grindstone, too."