Steven Jackson fined for facemask penalty

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Steven Jackson took a minor hit to the wallet just before the holiday.

The Atlanta Falcons running back said he was fined $7,875 after picking up a facemask penalty in last Sunday's 27-26 win over the Washington Redskins. Jackson grabbed cornerback E.J. Biggers' facemask during a third-quarter run.

"Right before Christmas time, too,'' Jackson said of the fine, with sarcasm in his tone. "It's frustrating.''

Earlier in the season, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch appeared to carry through with a similar-type motion while attempting to fight off Falcons safety William Moore. And despite Moore's complaints, Lynch was neither penalized nor fined.

"It's amazing, man,'' Moore said of Lynch getting no punishment. "Everyone watched it. You watched it. I guess they're not watching the same film.''

But it's at the league's discretion, of course, to determine whether each instance was a blatant violation and fine-worthy offense, no matter if a penalty was called or not. Jackson's play obviously was deemed intentional, as he was flagged 15 yards on the play.

Penalty and fine aside, Jackson seems to be running with more authority toward the end of the season after being held back by a hamstring injury earlier in the year. He knocked Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson into another universe with a punishing 3-yard touchdown run last Sunday.

Jackson had an interesting line Wednesday when asked about his bruising style as compared to being an elusive running back.

"Well, I'm not a PlayStation running back, man,'' Jackson said. "I'm downhill, and you get what you get. I think a lot people get lost in the fact that they want everybody to be cookie-cutter, and I'm not that. I provide a specialty. What I do, I do well. And I don't try to be anything else than what I am.''

Jackson has five rushing touchdowns over his past four games.