Falcons fans get written excuse from Dan Quinn to be late to work Friday

Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn is serious about the fans turning up the noise level for Thursday night's showdown with the New Orleans Saints inside the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

How serious? The Falcons actually put together a signed letter from Quinn that fans can give to their bosses excusing them for either being late or working from home Friday as a result of the energy they'll expend Thursday night.

On paper, it seems like a clever move on Quinn's part. He mentioned the idea while addressing the topic at the podium and followed through with it.

Now let's see if the 71,000 or so fans follow through to give Quinn the home-field advantage he's seeking.

The 7-5 Falcons are 3-3 at home this season and have seen fans from other teams such as the Packers, Vikings and Cowboys invade the new stadium. The last thing they want is to see the same type of takeover from the bitter-rival Saints.

Plus, this is a crucial game for the Falcons in the big picture as they currently sit outside the playoff standings at No. 7 with four games remaining, including two against the NFC South-leading Saints (9-3).