Tice wants line to play with 'bad intentions'

MOBILE, Ala. -- For now, new Atlanta Falcons offensive line coach Mike Tice is focusing his attention on draft prospects while helping to coach the Senior Bowl's North roster.

Tice, however, already got a jump on dissecting some of the linemen he has returning next season.

Specifically, Tice noted left tackle Sam Baker and left guard Justin Blalock.

"I felt like when Baker was healthy, he played at a very high level," Tice said. "Of course, he's been a tried-and-true player. The Falcons can win and have won a lot of games with him. I felt like Blalock was in that same mold. He's a player we can win football games with, week in and week out.

"But in that regard, I think both players have some things that they need to work on. I think we can get everybody in the room better. As we take each guys in the room and get him better, then collectively as a group we'll get better."

Tice expanded on his goal for the offensive line in 2014 and the challenges he faces.

"I think we have to learn how to finish better," Tice said. "I think we have to have our young guys take a big step and improve, and they will. And really, I just want to make sure that they're playing the game with bad intentions. Nastiness is created by work habits. And work habits create that great finish. And that great finish creates people saying, 'Gosh, they're tough.' They're only talking about their finish when they say they're tough."