Falcons' Ryan feels for Texans' Schaub

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. – Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan feels for Matt Schaub.

Ryan is aware how Schaub, the Houston Texans quarterback and one-time Falcon, has become the target of much criticism following the Texans’ 2-4 start. Fans cheered this past weekend when Schaub went down with an ankle injury. This came after Schaub and his family recently filed police reports about two separate trespassers.

The frustration with Schaub has a lot to do with him setting an NFL record by throwing a pick-six in four consecutive games. What happened Sunday with the fans applauding his injury was a bit over the top.

"You never want to see that stuff,’’ Ryan said. "Matt’s a great guy and certainly someone … he works his butt off and prepares week in and week out to have himself ready to go. That’s part of the ugly side of this deal. I wish him nothing but the best moving forward.’’

Ryan has had to endure his own share of criticism during his team’s 1-4 start. He pointed the finger at himself for some poor throws in a Week 4 loss the New England Patriots.

But Ryan has maintained a positive outlook despite the early season adversity. He repeatedly uses the phrase "block out the noise’’ in terms of not being fazed by critics.

"It’s one of those things: Obviously, we’re not where we want to be,’’ Ryan said. "But you have to trust in what you do. You have to trust that we’re going to make the plays.

"I think remaining confident is incredibly important. And we’ve got a lot of past success to keep us confident. Guys need to trust in that, trust in the process, and just try and be more detail-oriented. And that’s kind of been my approach. I’m not going to change.’’