#NFLRank on Atlanta's triplets

The Atlanta Falcons were strongly represented in the latest installment of #NFLRank for players No. 11 through No. 20 on offense.

The Falcons didn’t have any defensive representatives in this segment, but they did have three offensive players. Let’s take a look:

No. 13 Julio Jones, wide receiver

ESPN Stats & Information: Jones has five touchdown catches of 50 or more yards since beginning his career in 2011. The only players with more over that span are Victor Cruz (seven) and Jordy Nelson (six).

Yasinskas comment: Jones already has turned in two very good seasons. But, if you listen to the people within the Falcons’ building and scouts around the league, they believe Jones is poised for a breakout season that firmly will place him among the league’s best wide receivers.

No. 19 Roddy White, wide receiver

ESPN Stats & Information: White has 7,773 receiving yards since 2007, second only to Calvin Johnson. White ranks fourth over this span with 563 receptions, trailing only Wes Welker, Brandon Marshall and Reggie Wayne.

Yasinskas comment: I was part of the voting for this project and I put Jones a little ahead of White. That’s not meant to be any slight on White. He’s been a great receiver for a long time and he still is going strong. I just think this is the year Jones moves slightly ahead of White.

No. 20 Tony Gonzalez, tight end

ESPN Stats & Information: In 2012, Gonzalez joined Jerry Rice as the only players in NFL history to record at least 90 receptions in a season in which they were 36 or older. Rice is the only player in NFL history with more receptions than Gonzalez.

Yasinskas comment: Gonzalez is the best pass-catching tight end ever. You could make a case that his ranking is more of a lifetime achievement award than anything else. But Gonzalez still caught 93 balls last season and I think that means he still is a top-20 player.