Poll: Over/under on Ravens' 2014 win total

Do you think the Baltimore Ravens will be better or worse than last season? That is essentially what the online oddsmaker Bovada was proposing when it released its 2014 over/under win totals for every NFL team.

It puts the Ravens' number at 8.5.

The Ravens have averaged 10 wins in coach John Harbaugh's six seasons, but they were only 8-8 last season. That was their worst record under Harbaugh.

Based on my extremely early prediction on April 23, I'm going with the over for now. Though a lot can change from now until the start of the season (and I will give another prediction closer to the opener), I still think the Ravens have the look of an 8-8 team, but their win total will get inflated by playing the AFC South and the NFC South, two of the weaker divisions in the NFL.

Now, it's your turn. Vote in the SportsNation poll and send me your reasoning on why the Ravens will have more or less than 8.5 wins to the Ravens mailbag. Your comments could be used on the blog.

Here is a look at the full AFC North wagering lines:

Over/under win totals

Bengals: 9

Ravens: 8.5

Steelers: 8.5

Browns: 6.5

Odds to win the AFC North

Bengals: 2/1

Steelers: 2/1

Ravens: 5/2

Browns: 5/1