Steve Smith's peace offering to Webb

There apparently won't be any lingering hard feelings between wide receiver Steve Smith and cornerback Lardarius Webb.

A day after the Baltimore Ravens teammates exchanged shoves at minicamp, Smith brought a glazed donut to Webb, according to Smith's Twitter account. Smith's hand-written note on the bag read: "Peace offering from 89 [Smith's number]."

Emotions flared up Wednesday when Smith took exception to Webb contesting a pass too vigorously for a non-contact minicamp. Smith got up and used both hands to shove Webb, who went back after the wide receiver. The players were separated by teammates, and there was not another altercation.

Smith showed off his great sense of humor Thursday by adding #glazeUpson to his tweet, a playful twist on his "Ice up, son" message to Aqib Talib last year.

Smith's mindset has drawn respect from the defense.

"It's good to have that fire back on that side of the ball," linebacker Terrell Suggs said, "somebody who will go out there and jab back."