Fans, media agree on Ravens' No. 1 player

Joe Flacco is the best player on the Baltimore Ravens in 2014. That's according to local media members as well as fans.

Flacco received 36 percent of the votes in a recent SportsNation poll, which easily beat out linebacker Terrell Suggs (24 percent). This comes days after it was announced that 18 local media members ranked Flacco as the No. 1 player on the team.

Here is some selected comments from readers:

John (Wilmington, N.C.): My vote is Haloti Ngata. While he is not as dominate as he once was, the argument can be made that he was once the top defensive tackle in the game. I still put him in the top five defensive tackles in the game. I like Flacco and he's our best option as QB but I would consider him just outside the top 10 in overall NFL quarterbacks.

Paul (Frankford, Del.): This was hard. A team with no real stars. Suggs has been the most consistent for the longest time. he's like Troy Polamalu for Pittsburgh, past his prime but the closest thing to a star on this team.

Phil (Versailles, Ky.): Without Flacco, I don't think we would have those playoff appearances or another Lombardi Trophy. In fact, I know we wouldn't. He may not be a guy that makes a ton of things happen all by himself, but it's a team game and he makes the team go. Give him some protection and an effective run game and watch him work. Not always pretty, but pretty good just the same.

Jerie (Walkersville, Md.): The Ravens have always been known for defensive prowess and Suggs is the leader in the clubhouse of the Ravens defense.

Dave (Sykesville, Md.): Suggs and Ngata have passed their prime; not as likely to be everything they've been in the past. Flacco has never been a consistently good player during the regular season and there's no reason to believe that will change. That leaves Marshal Yanda by default. He should be at his best this fall, plowing through defenders. Sometimes the best player is the guy who makes everyone else look better.

Bert (Louisville, Ky.): It just feels right to choose Joe Flacco No. 1. He's the best quarterback the Ravens have ever had! We owe our second Super Bowl win to his outstanding performance in the postseason. I don't care if Suggs or Haloti or Yanda or whoever are individually better athletes: Championships are won these days in large part due to the performance of the quarterback, and Joe got it done.