Ravens mail: Worry about Rick Wagner?

It's time to click open our Baltimore Ravens' Twitter mailbag ...

@jamisonhensley: The cliche' of "he's a work in progress" fits Rick Wagner, and that shouldn't be a surprise. He's a fifth-round pick from a year ago who has yet to make an NFL start. Wagner had a solid training camp, taking every rep at right tackle with the first-team offense. As one coach said, it's a good sign when you don't read or hear the media criticizing Wagner every day in camp. For the most part, Wagner has gone unnoticed. There were some up-and-down moments for him in the preseason opener. He was the lowest-graded starting offensive lineman for the Ravens, according to Pro Football Focus. Bottom line: Wagner isn't as physically gifted as Michael Oher but he can be more consistent than him. "I think the first thing is to get him to be solid, and then to work to be good, and then work to be a Pro Bowl-type player," offensive line coach Juan Castillo said of Wagner.

@jamisonhensley: This is a tough question because both will make the offense a lot better than last season. They will just contribute in different ways. Left guard Kelechi Osemele is such a huge upgrade over last year's fill-in, A.Q. Shipley, in both run and pass blocking. Plus, Osemele has looked better than he did before the back surgery. He's going to impact every play that he lines up. Unlike Osemele, you're going to be able to measure Steve Smith's contribution quantitatively. Where Smith is going to come up big for the Ravens is on third downs. You're going to see Joe Flacco hit Smith on that comeback route to pick up a first down at least once a game. While this doesn't really answer your question, both are huge additions and it's difficult to say who is the bigger addition because Osemele and Smith have been equally impressive in training camp.

@jamisonhensley: Tough to say at this point because Asa Jackson is dealing with an ankle injury. If Jackson and Lardarius Webb (back) are able to play in the regular season opener, the Ravens should start Webb and Jimmy Smith on the outside and use Jackson as the No. 3 corner to cover the slot receiver. That's putting the Ravens' top three corners on the field. But Jackson and Webb aren't healthy right now. That's why Smith and Chykie Brown are the starters and safety Terrence Brooks is playing nickelback. I know what you're thinking. If Webb and Jackson don't recover quickly, the Ravens are in trouble Week 1 against the Cincinnati Bengals.