Wake-up caw: Torrey Smith's war of words

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith is usually the model of composure. But when it comes to playing the Pittsburgh Steelers and Ike Taylor, a different side of Smith comes out.

“I haven’t met anyone that talks as much trash as him,” Smith said, via the team's official website. “When I get to play him, it’s always pretty fun because I’m not a guy who talks, but he gets it out of me every single time.”

The Smith-vs.-Taylor matchup will be one of the most important ones on Sunday. Smith is averaging a NFL-best 20.3 yards per catch this season, and Taylor is only allowing 10.3 yards per completion and hasn't given up a touchdown this season, according to Pro Football Focus.

We'll see who gets the last word Sunday.

Here's the rest of your wake-up caw ...

Former Ravens running back Jamal Lewis told The Baltimore Sun that he doesn't see Ray Rice being as decisive as he's been in the past. "Me watching from the outside looking in, I see [hesitancy] in both him and [Bernard] Pierce," Lewis said. "Any time you take the ball and your second step is side-to-side, that's pretty much doubt. That's not having trust in your offensive line. The play is already drawn up where the hole is and where it's supposed to be. There should be no hesitation in where you go. When you have doubt, that's when your second step is not north and south, it's east and west. That's a problem as a running back."

The Baltimore Sun's Peter Schmuck believes this is still a big game for the Ravens and Steelers despite their lackluster records. "The fact that the won-loss records don’t reflect that at the moment is even more reason why both teams should be highly motivated to remind each other who they really are," Schmuck wrote.

The Ravens' offense was penalized seven times in Sunday's loss to Green Bay, notes Comcast SportsNet. Two of them were back-to-back false starts.

The Ravens are enthusiastic about their deep group of pass-catchers. “We know what guys can do. But [now], how do they fit in with one another? We’re still doing that,” coach John Harbaugh said, via the Carroll County (Md.) Times. “I mentioned Monday that we are in flux that way probably with the wide receivers. [But] it’s a good flux because we’ve got talented guys. Now, how do we utilize those guys? I’m excited to see how that plays out.”