Canty admits illegal pushing on FG attempt

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Baltimore Ravens defensive end Chris Canty acknowledged he pushed a teammate on a last-minute field-goal attempt in Miami two weeks ago, which apparently led to the unsportsmanlike penalty in the New England Patriots-New York Jets game last Sunday.

"Wow, I can take credit for that?," Canty told The Baltimore Sun on Tuesday.

According to the NFL Network, the Miami Dolphins filed a complaint after Canty shoved teammate Arthur Jones in an effort to block kicker Caleb Sturgis' potential game-tying 57-yard attempt, which sailed wide left in the Ravens' 26-23 win. The NFL reportedly told the Dolphins that the correct call was missed and that the league would make it a point of emphasis going forward.

If the Ravens had been penalized 15 yards for illegal pushing, the Dolphins would have had a chance to tie the game with a 42-yard field goal. The Miami game has been the Ravens' only win since Sept. 22.

"You're trying to knock back the line of scrimmage and use a guy to get a hand up," Canty said. "Maybe if you can't block the kick, you can get in the kicker's eyesight and maybe alter his kick."

On Sunday, the New England Patriots' Chris Jones drew a critical 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty for pushing a teammate on Nick Folk's 56-yard field goal miss in overtime. Four plays later, Folk capitalized on his second chance with a 42-yard winning field goal for Jets' 30-27 victory.

"Yeah, it’s a bigger deal," Canty said. "They didn’t call it [in Miami]. Obviously, we got the result that we wanted. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for New England.”

Ravens special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg was unaware that the Dolphins had filed a complaint against the Ravens and declined comment on the play.

Asked if the Ravens have been trying to emphasize that rule more, Rosburg said, "We're just trying to follow the rules, certainly. We don't want any fouls. That and all the other rules we're trying to follow."