Ravens rookie Carl Davis gets stuck with $11,561 dinner bill

Carl Davis' holiday shopping list might have to be shortened, thanks to his hungry Baltimore Ravens teammates.

Davis, a backup defensive lineman, got stuck with an $11,561.52 dinner bill this week. Of course, that includes the suggested gratuity of $1,798.

This definitely put a dent in Davis' wallet. He's earning $25,588 per game, so that dinner bill represents nearly half of what he made in his last game.

Davis didn't want to talk in detail about paying his dues as a rookie, which came in the form of an extravagant meal.

"It's something that got too blown out of proportion," Davis said. "It's a ritual here. I did what I had to do. It's all fun, and everyone had a good time."

Teammates didn't take it easy on Davis, with their orders including the 16-ounce filet with the Oscar topping and the porcini bone-in rib eye. On the part of the bill that was shown in Davis' Instagram post, there was also a flourless espresso cake, which I'm guessing wasn't shared among the 300-pound linemen.

Davis enjoyed a strong beginning to his rookie season, starting three of the first five games. By the end of November, he hit the proverbial rookie wall and has been inactive for three of the past four games.

Some would say Davis is no longer a rookie at this stage of the season. Well, everywhere, it seems, except at the dinner table.