On Day 1 of camp, Ronnie Stanley performs R Kelly song in a chicken suit

Ravens rookie Ronnie Stanley was a good sport on the first night of training camp, donning a chicken suit and singing R Kelly's "Ignition" in front of the entire team. Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- The Baltimore Ravens are asking first-round pick Ronnie Stanley to protect the blind side of quarterback Joe Flacco this season.

On Wednesday night, the Ravens wanted the No. 6 overall pick to do something else.

On the first night of training camp, Stanley stepped in front of the team and sang R Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)" while wearing a chicken suit. Stanley apparently was a showstopper and had all of the players singing along with him.

"I didn't actually know about the chicken suit until yesterday, during the day," Stanley said. "Steve Smith happened to do some shopping and ended up getting a suit that actually fit. So, I couldn't use that excuse."

The suit, though, didn't fit perfectly. The bottoms were supposed to go down to the ankles, but they went just below the knees for the 6-foot-6, 320-pound offensive lineman.

"But the claws and the feet were spot on of a chicken," coach John Harbaugh said.

Stanley picked the R Kelly song himself and had been practicing it throughout the spring. But Wednesday night was the first time he had performed it in front of people.

"I knew it was a crowd-pleaser," he said.

Each of the Ravens rookies will perform throughout training camp as part of the nightly entertainment. As the team's first pick, Stanley was the first to take the stage.

"We don't haze," Harbaugh said. "We say that fun stops where disrespect or abuse begins. Sometimes we have to define respect. But that was fun."

Stanley went from wearing a costume to lining up at one of the most pivotal positions on the team. On Thursday, he played at left tackle and blocked for the first time for Flacco. Stanley understands the importance of protecting "one of the most valued players on the team, if not the most valued."

But Stanley had set the bar high for first impressions after his chicken suit performance the night before.

"It's nice when your first-round pick, effectively the leader of that rookie class, is able to step up and make a statement about it: 'We'll have some fun and I can fit in, so to speak,'" Harbaugh said.