Wake-up caw: Dennis Pitta's silent treatment

The original timetable for tight end Dennis Pitta to return was somewhere from middle to late November. Well, it's Nov. 20 and Pitta remains on the injured reserve designated for return list.

Why hasn't there been more definitive information about the return of tight end Dennis Pitta? As The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zrebiec points out, Pitta hasn’t spoken to the media since he suffered the hip dislocation in training camp.

"So it’s impossible for us to truly know how or what he is feeling," Zrebiec wrote. "However, we do know that Pitta hasn’t resumed practicing yet, meaning his return to game action isn’t imminent."

Dallas Clark has provided some clutch catches recently, but the Ravens aren't getting anywhere near the consistent production out of the tight end position with Pitta on the sideline. At 4-6, the Ravens need any help they can get and the return of Pitta would provide a significant boost, just like Ray Lewis did last season.

Here's the rest of your wake-up caw ...

  • The Ravens must win every game in their three-game homestand to keep their season alive, according to John Eisenberg of the team's official website. The next three opponents are: the New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings. "It’s certainly possible," Eisenberg said. "None of those three upcoming opponents has a winning record. But of course, neither do the Ravens. And let’s face it, nothing comes easily for them this season."

  • John Harbaugh called out the need for the Ravens to reduce their turnovers, but he refused to call out quarterback Joe Flacco on another multiple interception game. "I don't ever get into all that in the public forum," Harbaugh said, via the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. "Those things are all addressed very aggressively in-house in our meeting room. And our guys take responsibility, and there is accountability, and it's never one thing. But that's how we do it. So we all need to be better. We need to collectively be better."

  • If you missed this over the weekend, here's a strong recommendation to read the Chicago Tribune's article on now-retired safety Tom Zbikowski, who played for the Ravens from 2008 to 2011. After a couple of seasons in the NFL, Zbikowski said it was more about the paycheck than the wins. He also acknowledged playing with hangovers. "Get a little messed up, sneak a girl into your room, feel on top of the world," Zbikowski said. "I had some of my best games off of benders — some of my worst, too. My two best seasons ever were 2005 [at Notre Dame] and 2009 [in Baltimore], when I was the most out-of-control drinking, so I thought, hey, maybe I should go back to that."

  • Former Ravens safety Michael Huff signed with the Denver Broncos. So, Huff returns to the place where he played so poorly that he got benched by the Ravens. Here's the full story from ESPN.com's Jeff Legwold.