A 70-degree difference for Ravens, Broncos

When the Baltimore Ravens begin their title defense on Thursday night, the kickoff temperature will be 83 degrees, according to The Weather Channel. That's a major change from the last time the Ravens were in the Mile High area. Actually, it's a 70-degree change.

Eight months ago, the kickoff temperature for the AFC divisional playoff game was 13 degrees, the second-coldest start to a home game in Broncos history. By halftime, it dropped to 9 degrees with a minus-3 windchill.

The coldest it will get for the game Thursday night is 75 degrees, and there's only a 20 percent chance of rain (the last time, it was a 20 percent chance of snow). So, weather won't be a factor in the rematch, although Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning probably prefers the warmer weather given the fact he played most of his career in a climate-controlled dome.