Hensley's 2013 NFL predictions

ESPN.com rolled out its 2013 season predictions for the NFL season. You can click here to see what the experts are saying. Here is my fearless forecast ...

Super Bowl champion: Atlanta Falcons

AFC East winner: New England Patriots

AFC North winner: Baltimore Ravens

AFC South winner: Houston Texans

AFC West winner: Denver Broncos

AFC wild cards: Bengals, Chiefs

NFC East winner: New York Giants

NFC North winner: Green Bay Packers

NFC South winner: Atlanta Falcons

NFC West winner: Seattle Seahawks

NFC wild cards: 49ers, Cowboys

AFC champion: Broncos

NFC champion: Falcons

Coach of the year: Andy Reid

MVP: Peyton Manning

Offensive ROY: Tavon Austin

Defensive ROY: Ziggy Ansah