Ravens' first London game should feel like home against Jaguars

Ogden: Ravens fans have turned London purple (0:39)

Baltimore Ravens Hall of Fame OT Jonathan Ogden was not surprised by the big reception that the side received ahead of their match in London. (0:39)

LONDON -- The Baltimore Ravens technically are the visiting team Sunday when they play the Jacksonville Jaguars, the team that is giving up a home game for this overseas contest.

But if Saturday night's rally is an indication, the Ravens should feel quite at home at Wembley Stadium in their first trip there.

More than 200 Ravens fans filled a London bar on Trafalgar Square to capacity, which led to a sea of purple jerseys spilling out into the adjacent alley, onto a median and across the street.

"Remember, I was here from the beginning [in 1996] when we didn't have a name or colors," former All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis said at the rally. "For us to have this kind of a following is amazing."

Fans surrounded The Admiralty hours before the start of the gathering, which was organized and promoted by the team. A double-decker bus, which is what the area is known for, arrived with the Ravens' band, which led everyone in singing the team's fight song.

Later, inside the pub, the familiar "Seven Nation Army" chant was shouted, but the loudest roar came when Lewis performed the beginning of his signature dance on the balcony overlooking the crowd.

The Jaguars, who have played a game in England in each of the past four seasons, apparently haven't had a similar groundswell of support. There were only two Jaguars jerseys spotted at an NFL-sponsored event Saturday afternoon.

"As soon as the game announced that we were playing in London, I bet the Ravens were going to go over there -- and boy, was I right," Hall of Fame offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden told the crowd.