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John Harbaugh has 'no reaction' to Jaguars' fake punt with 37-point lead

LONDON -- Some might suggest the Jacksonville Jaguars ran up the score. Others could see it as the tables being turned on the Baltimore Ravens.

With a 37-0 lead at the end of the third quarter, the Jaguars pulled off a fake punt that led to their final touchdown of the game. It occurred on fourth-and-1 from the Jacksonville 35-yard line, where Corey Grant took a direct snap and ran 58 yards against an already devastated Baltimore team.

Asked for his reaction to the fake punt, Ravens coach John Harbaugh said, "I don't have a reaction. It's the NFL. There's no reaction to it."

There have been two instances where the Ravens have piled it on opponents. In 2012, holder Sam Koch scored on a fake field goal with Baltimore leading by 24 points in the third quarter. Two years later, Joe Flacco threw a 39-yard pass on fourth down with under two minutes left while holding a 13-point lead over the Atlanta Falcons.

Sunday's trick play by the Jaguars added to the sting of the defeat, but Ravens wide receiver Jeremy Maclin had no problem with it.

"I like it. They’re playing to win," Maclin said. "You can’t be mad at that. It’s football. Anybody who’s mad at that ... this isn’t Pop Warner football."

Cornerback Jimmy Smith also indicated that the trick play didn't bother him.

"It’s not my job to care about what they run," he said. "We’re supposed to stop it. If they wanted to do it, that’s what they do. We’d do it. I’m sure we would. I can’t be mad at it."

Jaguars coach Doug Marrone said his team was just running a play that they had planned all week to use.

"It's something that the players practice, and if you get what you want and you get the look, then obviously, we're going to make the call," Marrone said.

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