Kiko Alonso texted Joe Flacco to apologize for concussion-inducing hit

Golic defends Alonso's hit on Flacco (1:18)

Mike Golic explains how Ravens RB Joe Flacco's late slide threw off Dolphins LB Kiko Alonso's tacking timing. (1:18)

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Miami Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso texted Joe Flacco the next day to apologize to the Baltimore Ravens quarterback for the hit that caused a concussion, according to former Baltimore tight end Dennis Pitta.

"That's not the type of player (Kiko) is," Pitta told WBAL Radio in Baltimore on Monday.

Pitta, who learned of Alonso's text from Flacco, added that they've played against Alonso a couple of times without any issues and practiced against him in joint workouts with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015.

In Thursday's 40-0 rout by the Ravens, Alonso hit a sliding Flacco in the head in the second quarter, leaving the 10-year veteran dazed and bloodied.

The hit on Joe Flacco was Alonso's first penalty of the season. He was penalized only twice last season.

"I thought that was a very vicious type of a hit," coach John Harbaugh said Monday. "He was definitely defenseless and couldn’t protect himself. Therefore, he got his ear sliced open and he got hit in the head. You never minimize that."

The Ravens haven't heard form the NFL whether Alonso has been suspended or fined.

"It really is not a concern of ours right now, in all frankness," Harbaugh said. "It is not going to impact our game against the Titans."