ChatRewind: Disappointing draft class

I apologize for some technical difficulties that cut our weekly Baltimore Ravens chat a little short on Wednesday. For a full transcript, you can click here. Here are some highlights:

Mickey (Boston): I know it's silly to evaluate a draft class so quickly, but how would you say the Ravens' rookies have done this season?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Below average at best. Matt Elam has been the only rookie starter in this draft class and he hasn't been an impact player. Arthur Brown is slowly coming around as the nickel linebacker. Brandon Williams has dropped below DeAngelo Tyson on depth chart. The biggest surprise has been wide receiver Marlon Brown, who leads all AFC rookies with five touchdown catches. But he was undrafted.

Will (Philadelphia): Given that the Ravens are almost never blown out of a game (except for week 1 in Denver), do you think their playoff experience and leadership could help them go on a run if they can sneak into the 6th seed?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): With the way the season has gone this season, I get the feeling the Ravens would consider making the playoffs a major accomplishment. Unless Flacco can do his Joe Montana impression again in the postseason, I don't see a long playoff run for the Ravens. They'll likely have to go on the road, and they've been awful away from Baltimore this year.

Erick M. (Silver Spring): If Ed Reed asks for a 1-day contract to retire as Ravens, Will the Ravens let him do it?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Without question, yes. He's the third-best player to ever suit up for the Ravens. Reed ranks behind Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden. Based on how Reed has played this season, we could see him calling it quits in a couple of months.

Craig (Braintree, Mass.): How many yards does Adrian Peterson get this week?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): If the Ravens hold Peterson to under 120 yards, they win. If they allow more than that, they lose.