Ray Lewis: Eagles need to get in Tom Brady's head to beat him in Super Bowl

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Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis believes he knows what the Philadelphia Eagles have to do to upset New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.

"You cannot beat New England unless you get to the head, and the head is Tom Brady," Lewis told The Talk of Fame Network. "So, I think Philly is going to have a tough task on how do they dial up blitzes without letting him know what coverages you’re in or doing. That’s one of the successes we had against Tom over the years."

Lewis, who is a finalist for the Hall of Fame voting on Saturday, is really one of the few experts when it comes to beating the five-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback when it matters the most.

In the postseason, Lewis topped Brady in a 2009 wild-card game and the 2012 AFC Championship Game -- both times at Gillette Stadium. His only playoff loss to Brady came in the 2011 AFC Championship Game, when Lee Evans failed to hold on to the winning touchdown and Billy Cundiff missed the tying field goal.

"I’ve been trying to think about why [the Patriots] are so successful," Lewis said. "They are a player-driven offense. What does that mean? Tom Brady does not look to the sidelines to get the plays he’s going to call. Tom Brady knows exactly what he’s going to do. When I had my defense in Baltimore for so many years, we didn’t have to look to the sidelines to get the next defensive call to make a call. You have to play the game on the field. You have to be an on-field general [to match Brady’s thinking]. That’s why a bunch of these young, talented defenses struggle so much."

In three playoff games against Lewis, Brady completed 56.1 percent of his passes, throwing three touchdown passes and seven interceptions. His passer rating was 56.8.

In comparison, Brady has thrown 65 touchdowns and 24 interceptions in the playoffs against defenses without Lewis in the middle of them.

"Tom Brady is a special, special player," Lewis said. "They come around, say, every 15, 20 years and when you see it, it’s something to sit back and watch because it’s going to be 15, 20 years before it comes back around. The ultimate respect, man. Absolutely amazing."