Wake-up caw: Elam responds on Twitter

Not sure if this qualifies as an apology, but Baltimore Ravens free safety Matt Elam addressed good ol' Megatron on Twitter on Tuesday night:

This comes hours after Elam described Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson as "pretty old." I'm confused how that isn't disrespecting the NFL's best wide receiver. But I was also confused that Elam called the 28-year-old Johnson old in the the first place.

If I were Elam, I would do a little more than a five-word tweet to smooth things over. The Ravens don't want to get such a deep threat riled up when they've given up the most 40-yard pass plays in the NFL (16).

Here's the rest of your wake-up caw ...

  • Lions running back Reggie Bush expects to play Monday night after missing Sunday's game with a calf injury, according to ESPN.com's Michael Rothstein. That's bad news for the Ravens. "He's a matchup nightmare no matter where he is on the field," defensive end Chris Canty told The Baltimore Sun. "They spread him out in space. One of the things he's not getting a lot of credit for his ability to run between the tackles. Reggie Bush is pretty amazing."

  • Here's a video from the team's official website featuring the Ravens players singing "Twelve Days of Christmas."

  • Former Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo told John Harbaugh that he thought he saw a tear coming from the coach's eye in the final moments of Sunday's emotional win. "No, you were mistaken," Harbaugh said in an interview on Fox Sports. "You were definitely mistaken. There's no crying in football, you know that."