Wake-up caw: Not Mr. Cerebral?

The Baltimore Ravens rank 29th in the NFL in red-zone offense after failing to score a touchdown on three trips inside the 20-yard line in Detroit.

Why do the Ravens have so many problems getting the ball in the end zone? The Baltimore Sun's Mike Preston points out that quarterback Joe Flacco doesn't have the accuracy to be consistently good when the throwing windows get smaller. The other theory isn't based on physical tools.

"He isn't Mr. Cerebral either," Preston wrote. "The entire team continues to suffer communication breakdowns inside the red zone, from knowing whom to block to checking out of a running play to a passing play."

One thing is certain: The Ravens' inability to run the ball in the red zone means their success in that area of the field rests on Flacco.

Here's the rest of your wake-up caw ...

  • Justin Tucker's 61-yard game-winning field goal was set up by Jacoby Jones' heroics. Jones jump-started that drive with a 36-yard kickoff return and caught a 27-yard pass on third down. "Do the math," wrote John Eisenberg, of the team's official website. "Between the kickoff return and long reception, Jones moved the ball 63 yards to set up Tucker’s kick. Add those plays to his growing collection of game-changers, the kickoff returns against Pittsburgh and Minnesota, the long catch against the Jets. His impact is huge every week." If not for Tucker, you could start building a case for Jones being the team's MVP.

  • A federal appeals court ruled that the NFL and the Ravens can use their old logo (often called "the flying B") in historical videos and exhibits. The logo, which features a winged gold shield with the letter B on it, is the subject of numerous lawsuits filed by Frederick E. Bouchat, who has been credited in court as its original designer. Here's the full story in The Baltimore Sun.

  • A must-see video from ESPN's Rick Reilly, who tells the story of Josephine Gay, a young Ravens fan with autism, who was a student at Sandy Hook Elementary School. A year after her loss, the Sandy Ground Project dedicates a new playground in her honor, on her birthday.