ChatRewind: Jacoby Jones' future

This week's Baltimore Ravens chat was one of the best of the year. Lots of talk about playoffs and free agency. For a full transcript, you can click here. Here are the highlights:

Bryan (Los Angeles): Do you think with the emergence of Marlon Brown and the need to sign Dennis Pitta, Eugene Monroe, Art Jones, and possibly Torrey Smith in the offseason, the Ravens will let Jacoby Jones walk. I don't see us getting a hometown discount.

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Whether they can bring back Jacoby Jones is going to be a big question in the offseason. I believe the Ravens are going to be aggressive in re-signing Pitta and Monroe. Right behind them is getting Smith signed to an extension. I don't see them having any money for Art Jones, who will command a big contract after the season he's had. That leads us to Jacoby Jones, whose price tag goes up because he's a dual threat. In a perfect world, they would keep him. I'm not sure if that's practical considering they have a young receiver in Marlon Brown and other options in the return game.

Rich (New Jersey): Hi, With Justin Tucker kicking Baltimore to victory, now with the Patriots at home and the Bengals on the road, who'll have to step up the next two weeks to keep the Ravens at the No. 6 playoff spot?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): The key players have to be Dennis Pitta and Torrey Smith, both of whom have to step up in the red zone. That's the area of the field where Pitta excels. And Smith had a string of games with a TD, so he can get into the end zone. FGs aren't going to win most games. And if the Ravens win the next two, they win the division, not a wild-card spot.

Adam (DC): The Ravens have played the Pats eight times since the 2009 season (three in the playoffs). Has this become a rivalry game?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): It almost feels like the Patriots and Ravens are in the same division, doesn't it? I would rank the Patriots right behind the Steelers in terms of rivals for the Ravens. A rivalry is based on frequency and the importance of the games. Playing the Pats in the past two AFC Championship Games qualifies.

Mickey (Boston): While it seems like it would be great to win the division and get the No. 4 seed, doing so would likely put us up against the Chiefs or Broncos. If we have the luxury of choice, do you see John Harbaugh angling for the 6th seed instead?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Have you seen the Ravens play on the road this season? Clearly, the Ravens want to win the division and play at home in the first round.