Wake-up caw: Bad history with receivers

A bad history of drafting wide receivers may affect the Ravens' decision to draft one in the first round, according to Comcast SportsNet's Clifton Brown.

The Ravens' track record has been indisputably awful. Of the 20 wide receivers the Ravens have drafted since 1996, Torrey Smith is the only one to have a 1,000-yard season.

"Yes, the Ravens are dead-set on adding a playmaker or two. But they might accomplish that via a trade, or free agency," Brown wrote. "They will only draft a wide receiver in the first round if they are extremely confident he will make a long-term impact."

I don't think the Ravens will be hesitant to take a wide receiver in the first round because of past failures. They would've selected Dez Bryant or Demaryius Thomas in the first round if they had fallen to Baltimore. There are intriguing prospects at wide receiver this year (namely Texas A&M's Mike Evans) that will draw the Ravens' interest.

Here's the rest of your wake-up caw ...

  • The Ravens are talking about diversifying their backfield. “I’ve had a lot of conversations with Ozzie [Newsome] and with Eric [DeCosta] and our different scouts about that, and our coaches, too," coach John Harbaugh said, via the team's official website. "Yes, we want to have as many weapons as we can at our disposal. Big backs, fast backs, quick backs, route-running backs that you see around the league – we want to chase all those guys.”

  • Joe Cipiti, the grandfather of NFL coaching brothers John and Jim Harbaugh, died Sunday morning in Ohio, according to the Associated Press. He was 98. Along with the Harbaughs' parents, Cipiti attended last year's Super Bowl in New Orleans, where John's Baltimore Ravens beat Jim's 49ers 34-31.