Jimmy Smith's witty response to 49ers fans

The last time a cornerback took a shot at the San Francisco 49ers was Richard Sherman's over-the-top postgame rant Sunday.

But Baltimore Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith showed you can make your point more effectively with wit.

Smith told ESPN The Magazine that he still has 49ers fans accusing him of holding Michael Crabtree in the end zone in last year's Super Bowl. His response: "The only thing I'm holding now is the championship."

I know 49ers fans hate Smith even more right now. For Ravens fans, not only is this a pretty classic line but it once again shows that Smith has more swagger than originally believed.

Smith was considered a first-round disappointment for most of his first two seasons. Now, spurred by his big plays in the Super Bowl, Smith has become the Ravens' best cornerback and will likely force the team to pick up his option for the 2015 season.