Poll results: Your thoughts on Kubiak hire

The Baltimore Ravens finished No. 29 in offense last season, their worst ranking since 2004. Based on this week's SportsNation poll, most agree that the Ravens' offense is in capable hands.

Of the 1,628 votes, 58 percent say they "love" the hiring of Gary Kubiak as the Ravens' offensive coordinator. In fact, only 9 percent had a negative reaction to the addition of Kubiak.

Here are some selected comments from our readers:

Rob (Baltimore): I'm thrilled by the hire of Kubiak. I was always a nervous wreck when we played the Texans because of his offense. Some commentators feel Joe Flacco and Kubiak won't mesh, but I believe Kubiak knows how to utilize a quarterback's strengths and gets the most out of them.

Keith (Lancaster, Pa.): We expect to win the AFC North, we expect to host a playoff game, we expect to be fighting for the AFC Championship every year. That's why I'm undecided about the Kubiak hire. On paper I like it. But the only thing that really matters is if it translates to wins on the field next season. Time will tell.

Jon (Woodbine, Md.): Love the Kubiak hire, but completely dumbstruck by the other moves on the offensive staff. The comment I see over and over is "The Ravens needed a change", and I wholeheartedly agree. And the place they most needed a change is the offensive line!! How do you admit that you needed a change, but choose not to address the area that was the source of 90 percent of our offensive problems?

Zack (Baltimore): I love the Kubiak hire. He's one of the top offensive minds in the league, and combined with [quarterbacks coach Rick] Dennison, the Ravens' offense can only get better. Can't get any worse than it was last season, right?

Mike (Baltimore): Loved the hires of Kubiak and Dennison. Both are accomplished and experienced coaches who should get the most out of Flacco and our running game. On the other hand, I was not thrilled to see that the Ravens basically cleaned house on the offensive side of the ball and seem to be bringing in the entire Houston Texans offensive staff from last year. Houston could not find a way to overcome their shortcomings last year at certain positions and I felt like some of our coaches, [tight ends coach] Wade Harman in particular, had done well with our players, despite injuries and/or player loss.