Odds on Ravens winning 2015 Super Bowl

The Baltimore Ravens are not among the favorites to win next season's Super Bowl.

The odds of the Ravens winning it all in 2015 is 30-to-1, according to the Las Vegas Hilton. In comparison, before the 2012 season (when the Ravens did win the Super Bowl), Baltimore's odds of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy were 20-to-1.

Right now, there are 10 teams with better odds than the Ravens to win the Super Bowl: the Seattle Seahawks (5-to-1), Denver Broncos (5-to-1), San Francisco 49ers (6-to-1), New England Patriots (7-to-1), Green Bay Packers (16-to-1), New Orleans Saints (16-to-1), Cincinnati Bengals (20-to-1), Carolina Panthers (20-to-1), Indianapolis Colts (20-to-1) and Atlanta Falcons (25-to-1).

As far as the rest of the AFC North goes, the Pittsburgh Steelers have the same odds to win as the Ravens, and the Cleveland Browns are among the long shots at 60-to-1.