Only Maryland thinks Joe Flacco is elite

Only one state believes Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is elite, and not surprisingly, it's the state where he plays.

But even Maryland wasn't overwhelmingly supportive of its Super Bowl-winning quarterback. As of 11 a.m. ET, only 53 percent of the voters in Maryland say Flacco is elite.

Overall, 71 percent of the voters in the SportsNation poll wouldn't put Flacco in the elite category.

I would've expected Flacco's worst showing to come in Pennsylvania, especially in Steelers Country. But New Hampshire, Colorado and Wisconsin were the states least convinced, with 80 percent of voters saying Flacco is not elite. I guess those banners in Denver didn't help Flacco's popularity in the Mile High area.

You can click here to submit your vote in the SportsNation poll.

Speaking of elite, one national media member who had Flacco at that level before the Super Bowl victory was ESPN's John Clayton. In his latest quarterback rankings, Clayton has Flacco at No. 8, one spot ahead of Tony Romo and one behind Matt Ryan.